About Susan Bendell-Bayly

I have always had a love of the animals and countryside in this mystical county, so it seems natural that wildlife and animal portraiture should be at the heart of my creative work.

As a family we always had a variety of animals about the place and they became subjects for my paintings; but it was my father, an accomplished West-Country artist, who provided me with both the encouragement and inspiration to follow in his footsteps. I studied at Redruth College of Art and have worked as a professional artist in various media.

Over the years I have developed a style of painting that is detailed and sensitive. I have always had an empathy with animals, which has enabled me to recognise and capture not just the physical likeness but the spirit and personality of my subjects; those subtle mannerisms and small details that make them such individuals and so special to their owners. Many of my commissions have been of prize-winning show dogs, cats and horses but the majority of my work consists of working animals and much loved family pets.

I have chosen to work mainly in pastel as I find that the rich colour and velvety texture lends itself particularly well to the portrayal of fur and feather, although I am also at home with oils and acrylics. In my more recent work I have widened my horizons to include country sports and landscape although I usually manage to include animals or birds somewhere in the painting.