So You Would Like A Sporting Portrait

If you are passionate about your sport and enjoy art in your home, have you ever considered commissioning a personalised sporting painting?

I specialise in animal portraits, especially working dogs and horses and I have a particular interest in country sports.

Whether you enjoy shooting, fishing, equine sports etc, I will take photographs of you and your animals or friends in your favourite setting taking part in your sport.

Alternatively, I can use your own favourite photographs if they are suitable.

Then in consultation with you I will create a very personal sporting painting with you featuring has prominently as you wish.

If it is to be a gift I can provide a gift voucher so that the recipient can be involved in the planning of the portrait.

As you can imagine, everyone's requirements will be different so each painting will be individually priced depending on the size and complexity.

Please e-mail or call me at my studio for a quote.

I have a permanent exhibition of paintings and prints at my studio and gallery and I am always pleased to receive visitors to view my work or to discuss commissioning a painting.