Animal Portrait Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most common questions that I am asked, I am happy to answer anyone's questions by telephone or by e-mail if your question is not in the list below or you would like more information.

Can I have any pet painted?


Once you have accepted my commission, how soon will I receive the finished picture?

It depends on the volume of work I have already booked but I do try to accommodate anyone who needs a portrait for a specific date.

What if my pet is deceased and I only have some photos?

I can usually work from your photos.

Can I have more than one pet in the same picture?


Do you take photos or do I provide them?

I prefer to work from photos that I have taken myself, but I will use your own favourite photos if you wish.

Can you travel to me if I am unable to come to you?

It depends on the distance involved, but certainly within the County of Cornwall or Devon.

Can I make copies of the portrait for myself?

Not without my permission, but I could have a print made for you if you request it.

Can I make copies for commercial use?

No - the artist always retains the copyright unless sale of the reproduction and publishing rights is agreed with the artist.

How do payments work, for example do I pay a deposit or do you need all the money upfront?

You pay a deposit, then the remainder on completion of the picture, or some people prefer to pay in instalments

Can I choose my own frame and size?

Yes. The sizes that I give in the price guide are the most popular but you can have any size or proportion as long as it suits the subject. Most people are happy for me to choose a frame to suit their portrait, but if you have a particular preference I will frame it as you wish.

What materials do you use to do the picture?

Soft Pastel.

What if I am unhappy with the final product?

It is important to me that you are completely happy with the finished artwork so any reasonable adjustments will be carried out free of charge ( see Terms & Conditions).